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I will put information and/or pictures of animals we have up for adoption.  They must be spayed or neutered before going to live with you.  There as of now no adoption fee however depending on the dog and the circumstance that could change.  They come with their basic nessacities(dog:dog food, crate, bed/blanket, puppy pads, etc...   cats: cat food, cat litter, litter box, etc....).  You must also fill out an adoption form e-mail me for one.  I must be able to contact you and to make an in home visit or you must be willing to allow a friend of mine in that area (if you are to far away) to do a in home check.  Please help these poor sweet babies.  They just want a loving, friendly, sweet, and understanding forever home.  I will put on here if they have health problems and whether they are good with kids, cats, and dogs.

You can call me at 1(406)951-1982  OR  E-mail me at:

Picassos Posh Poodles

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