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Normally this page is used just to describe pets lost.  However I am going to also tell of my losses that are human.  I love everyone I put on here and each holds a piece of my heart.  They will live on forever through this page and through everyone' heart who read this.  I will put pictures of them if I have any of that person/furkid, if not I will just describe them in detail as well as their life.  Please do not morn those lost they are only waiting and watching over us.  My heart yerns for those I lost but I know I will meet them again when the time is right.  Love and luck to all!

RIP   Posh's Sandpaper Kisses AKA Baby

March 28, 2006 to September 7,2008
She was murdered by one of my neighbors.  This person shot her with an air rifle in either my yard or a (friend's)neighbor's yard.  She was only 2 1/2 and I have had her since she was 3 weeks old.  She acted like a dog following you around, giving kisses, meowing when you meowed her, and loved to sleep under the covers with you.  She stayed by my yard and my next door neighbor's yard...she always waited for me to get home and then I would let her into the house and then she didn't show up one day I called the pound and the police station and also the local vet's office.  Nothing...I talked to people  I knew and they said they would keep an eye out for her.  I got a phone call two days after she didn't come home.  She had been found in my neighbor's yard dead. I had an autopsy done and someone shot her close range....within five feet and it went into her chest.  I am trying to push this for charges it can't be legal for someone to do this?  If anyone can offer support I am going to be starting a petition to increase animal cruelty laws and of course to investigate Baby's death.  Any help is appreciated...thank you.


He was 8 months old and 3lbs.  He was a black and cream Phantom AKC toy poodle.  He was friendly and loved to cuddle.  He also loved to play.  I was there when he was born and helped Cotton through her labor.  I raised him until he left.  He was killed by KS and I do not feel as though justice was served.  If you agree please e-mail to add your name to the petition.

Frank Elmer Bair

He was and is the only father/dad I have had.  He was only 36 years old when he passed away in 2003.  He died of a massive heart attack.   Actually he had one a couple of months prior to this one and it remained undiscovered by the ER staff who were working at the time.  The first one was the size of a the bottom of a cup you stick on a saucer plate.  So even if the second had been minor he would have still died.  It was heart wrenching and what is worse he is a great poet, no one will probably ever get read it published.  If anyone knows of a publisher please let me know, I would love to make his dream a reality.

"Old Grandpa" Eugene Gramm

He died in an unexpected fire.  A log rolled out of the fireplace and sparks started his shawl, chair, and curtains on fire.  It burned up the living room and kitchen badly and caused smoke damage.  They lost a Sheltie mommy and her pups(also their daddy TG the rest were out in the yard).  They lost his chihuahua Missy.  And they also lost Buddy and Pepper (small mixes) my grandpa Raymond's two dogs.  I was very close to him and he is the one who brought me home from the hospital with my mom.  But he suffered mainly 2nd and 3rd degree burns and they transported him to a special burn unit in Utah.  They did what they could but he was very old and he passed away.

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