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Here I will list the dogs/puppies I or friend have for sale.  If a friend's dog is listed please contact them not me.  As for the one's I have for sale, I will have mom and dad's picture above as well as their names and the puppy's/dog's name and picture below that.  If you have a question on one of them please call me at (406)851-8032 or e-mail me at

Boogie-A large toy to small minature.  He would be great for a miniature poodle breeder.  He is very square and has a gorgeous coat.  He would make a great pet or breeder.  We are asking $200 for limited papers or $350 for full papers.  He is AKC registerable.  He carries the Red Rider line, the Phantom gene, the Brindle gene, the Parti gene, and Blue gene.  For more information and/or pictures call me at 1(406)851-8032 ask for Nicole(me) or JoAnna  or e-mail me at

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